She has been campaigning online against the cousin marriages and for the online casinos

Belen Berkova is a deputy director of digital marketing at a major online clothing store.

Belen has been spreading awareness against cousin marriages around the world for a while and she believes that it is the reason why more Muslims are religious fanatics than any other. Belen has done an extensive research on the Christian and Hindu religious fanatics as well and they all have one thing in common and that is most of them are the product of first or second cousin marriages. Belen says that the Arora people of North India are mostly behind the religious fanaticism in Delhi and surrounding areas and it is a well-known fact that most Aroras are inbreds. Belen also believes that narcissism is a common trait among all the religious fanatics.

Belen’s father died in a plane crash the very day he bought a Mercedes Benz. Belen recently bought a Mercedes Benz herself and her superstitious Indian sister-in-law has been waiting for the news of her death all these days, Belen claims.

Belen has been to India, a couple of times and she claims that most Indian villages are so backward that they still follow barter system.

Belen says that the economic problem in the Indian subcontinent is not about the choice between limited resources and unlimited wants but rather about the limited resources that are limited to the very few and needs of the starving rest.

While in India, Belen also noticed that the Afghan people have started to hate the Pakistan so much that they only buy stuff that was not made in Pakistan.

Belen’s favorite pastime is betting online and reading posts on her most favorite Casino Forum.

Research scientist claims that she can prove that the spirits exist and her businessman husband claims that he can prove that gambling online means profits

Bluma Dinsmore is a research scientist who claims that the progeny born to men and women that underwent chemotherapy is going to have strong and sometimes even lethal health conditions. Bluma says that either the scientists and doctors become aware of this fact earlier or they will be responsible for defaming their profession and field.

Bluma is married to a Finnish gentleman who owns a company that manufactures insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. Bluma’s husband is addicted to betting on qqpokeronline and he keeps gifting Bluma with jewelry and other stuff with the money that he regularly wins with QQ Online Poker.

Bluma’s husband was a poor student at school but he has been studying Geology, Biology, Physics and Chemistry for the past few years as a hobby.

Bluma has contributed to many Aerostatics related books and she tried to publish her belief and what she calls her observation about the progeny born to the people that underwent chemotherapy, but it was never published, which some say happened for the good only and whenever Bluma hears someone getting disagreed to her observation or belief, she gets infuriated.

Bluma says that no matter how hard they pretend or try to save the environment, they are not going to succeed.

Bluma says that scientists sound nothing less than tyrants when they say that the matter only comprises of solid, liquid and gasses and some invisible things like air. Bluma says that with some effort, she can prove that the spirits exist as well but no scientist or government will give her a chance.

Bluma’s favorite topic in the school used to be biometrics and she has always been excellent at this subject while she will disagree with the word ‘excellent’ for herself.